We have advise other professional services firms when they are faced with change and/or distress.  Whether business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C), professional service firms are heavily reliant on human resources–resources that must be optimally managed and preserved, even when the status quo is being disrupted.

Our Professional Services Group has extensive experience working with law, consulting, systems integration and other personnel-oriented firms and/or their constituents, as they confront change and challenges.

Selected Engagements

We wish health and peace of mind all around in this difficult and chaotic time. Our thoughts are with those who are struggling with Covid-19 and its broad and painful effects.

Goldin Associates is fully operational, and you can continue to expect our customary level of client service.  Although the Covid-19 situation is unique, the commercial effects present the kind of challenges that we are accustomed to addressing.  As crisis management and restructuring professionals, whether as interim corporate officers or advisors, our team members are seasoned in helping management teams, creditors, equity holders and other constituents chart a steady course through turbulent waters.  As fiduciaries, we work to preserve value and as financial experts we measure it.  

We hope and pray that the disruptive health, social and economic effects of this crisis are as contained as possible, and we are striving to do what we can—as community members and as professionals—to work towards that goal.